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Thursday, 11th February 2021


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Join us on Thursday 11 February as we examine the effectiveness of brand coalitions. Hear from REaD Group and Miconex and gain insights as to whether providing a more holistic loyalty offering can keep customers engaged.

Coalition programs are gaining steam because, managed correctly, they solve the biggest problem in loyalty marketing: engaging your long- and mid-tail customers, rather than just the most frequent.

The DMA's research shows four in five consumers show interest in rewards they can collect and redeem across a collective of brands. Customers have shown they're keen to see brands offer them rewards beyond discounts and widen access to relevant benefits.

Tune in on Thursday 11 February to find out how strong brand partnerships can strengthen customer engagement. Chaired by Scott Logie, Customer Engagement Director, REaD Group, you'll also learn:

  • The strategies to gain such trust that will ensure customers feel comfortable sharing their data with multiple brands from Tim Bond, Head of Insight, DMA
  • How businesses can gather insight on which brands consumers regularly use, to create effective and relevant partnerships from Colin Munro, Managing Director, Miconex
  • Ways to build and maintain strong brand partnerships that benefit everyone involved

We'll see you online.

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