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Value of Data: Shifting values


Shifting values: An introduction to the value of data in the digital economy is a whitepaper with a mission to spur debate in the UK's data and marketing industry.

Authored by University of Edinburgh academics Chris Speed and Ewa Luger, the paper takes you through the key topics underpinning our quest to help you - and the customers you serve - value data:

  • The evolution of tech in marketing, and what this means for data and the customer
  • Growing our understanding of the flow of data
  • Value chains and value constellations
  • Designing value
  • The ethical data solution
  • The ethical use of data

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Value of Data

Led by the DMA Scotland Council, academic partners the University of Edinburgh and campaign sponsors Merkle, Value of Data will interrogate and uncover the real value of data, and help businesses and organisations harness its power.

The campaign will explore:

  • The definition and creation of data
  • The worth of information - for the brand and for the customer
  • Using data to build trust
  • The transition from value chains to value constellations
  • The ethical use of data through all channels to create meaningful interactions

Through our research and collaboration with experts, you'll gain access to:

  • Insights around using data ethically
  • Networking events and happenings with similarly driven professionals
  • Lectures on various Value of Data topics
  • Be able to access toolkits and workshops

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