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Value of data


An initiative born in Scotland - led by DMA Scotland - we join forces with partners and advocates across the UK as we seek to reshape the understanding of the true worth of information.

Learn about our Value of data project with four keynote articles:

Value of data: An introduction

Craig Paterson, executive education advisor, The Data Lab, offers an overview of the project.

Value of data: Changing perceptions

Firas Khnaisser, head of decisioning, Standard Life, on the quest to attach value to data.

Value of data: Made to measure (August 2018)

Rob Gray, managing / strategy partner, Squad, on the methods and tactics available to measuring data.

Value of data: The role of the CEO (August 2018)

Mark Runacus, Chair of the DMA Board and co-founder / planning partner at Wax/On, on why CEOs must be the standard bearers for organisations looking to really understand data's value and worth.

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