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The World Of Inserts


Inserts – What are they and why use them?

Inserts can be a key element of any multi-channel marketing campaign. A low-cost, effective way of getting your brand, message or product in the hands of potential new customers. So let’s delve deeper into the world of inserts and how they can help increase your ROI.

Inserts and Direct Mail

When we talk about inserts many people think of direct mail. This is not the case, although direct mail is a great way of generating leads and should not be ignored. (Read more about direct mail HERE) Inserts are generally a more cost-effective way of offline marketing. Inserts utilise mail that is already going to your house. These items could be magazines, subscriptions boxes, ordered items in fact just about anything that is already going to your house an insert can be implemented.

What makes a great insert?

Great inserts can vary wildly. But the key point to remember is to make them as eye-catching as possible. Inserts are a gold mine for letting your creativity run wild. As inserts are more cost-effective, you can spend a little more of your budget ensuring your insert is as good as possible. Go for foil blocking to give the insert a “special” feel or upgrade your paper stock to a heavier GSM to ensure your images pop and the insert feels more substantial. But it’s important to not forget about your copy. Great, engaging copy is key to turning a prospect into a customer.

But why stop there? The above describes great inserts which will deliver on your ROI. But inserts don’t have to be flat pieces of paper. By doing something a little bit different you can really stand out from the crowd, such as:

Using a credit card type gift voucher

Turn your insert into a mini brochure

Die-cut and folded in a creative way to create “presents” the customer has to open

Spring-loaded boxes can literally jump out as the customer opens them and can create a lasting impression

There are countless ways inserts can be implemented, and they are so much more than a throwaway postcard. If you’re looking for inspiration check out our projects page.

Use them or lose them

So now we know what makes a great insert, how do you use them the get the best ROI? The most simple and quickest (if you are already sending parcels to your customers) is to add them into your current product despatches. Using this approach, offering discounts on future orders, adding refer a friend incentive or cross-selling different items is a great way to ensure repeat business.

What do you do however if you don’t already send out parcels to customers or want to hit other demographics? That’s where you get in contact with companies who are currently sending out parcels on a daily basis. You will need to create a profile for your target audience. Then research potential 3rd parties and contact them to see if they sell space in their parcels. You need to keep in mind that they are now selling your business, so think carefully who you choose to ensure it’s a match made in heaven.

Another great way of utilising inserts are insert swaps. Similar to the above where you match the required demographics etc, but with one difference. It’s a two-way street, if both companies are sending out parcels and are not in direct competition with each other you simply swap the inserts over. Your inserts go in their boxes and theirs go in yours. This is a great avenue for reaching new potential customers from an ideal demographic, without having to pay the usual data costs involved. This is a win-win situation and we have achieved amazing results with various customers across a range of industries, most notably within subscription box companies, so why not take advantage of it now.

Finally, media inserts! Popping your insert in a relevant magazine or newspaper can generate large amounts of leads. As these are once again hitting your required demographics. There are multiple ways of using inserts as they are so versatile. When used properly, as part of a multi-channel campaign, they can be a great weapon in your arsenal. Get in touch with PSE to find out how we can help you on 01905 759 700 We have the skills, market knowledge and experience to manage all of your insert needs. Including putting you in touch with third parties, arranging insert swaps, printing, and so much more. Click here to find out more.

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