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Micro-upskilling: Media & member reaction


In late January 2023, the House of Lords Communications & Digital Committee released a critical report warning of the dangers to the UK’s creative sector if we don’t address growing skills gaps – calling for a new approach to tackle skills shortages with people learning a blend of creative and digital skills.

To move the creative industries a step closer towards reducing industry-wide skills gaps and talent shortages, the DMA recently worked with 16 international brands, charities, SMEs, and agencies, to understand how micro-upskilling can help facilitate business learning cultures to address growing skills gaps. Further details about the pilot can be found here.

A core tenet of our mission as the driving force of intelligent marketing is to have a data and marketing industry commited to the development of the people who power it: a commitment to the creation of cultures of excellence and continuous, structured learning across the industry.

The DMA is now calling on senior management teams across the UK to introduce continuous learning cultures within their organisation. The DMA will also now work with our wider community to introduce micro-upskilling as a key element of membership. A pledge will be introduced later this year requesting member organisations to commit an hour a week to all staff’s L&D in our new People Pillar of the DMA Code.

On this page we'll collect news, views and reactions to our campaign to have constant improvement a key pillar of the working week in data and marketing:

The Scotsman - Why upskilling is integral to business growth

Marketing Week - Realistic’ approach to skills development after success of ‘micro-upskilling’ pilot

Campaign - Marketing industry to fill skills gap via ‘micro-upskilling’

The Drum - UK marketing industry has been tackling a talent shortfall for a decade

Performance Marketing World - DMA calls on industry to build learning cultures

UK Fundraising - Micro-upskilling pilot shows more benefits than traditional training methods

The launch of Micro-upskilling received widespread coverage in July 2022:


Marketing Week: DMA's plan to tackle the digital skills shortage

The Drum: DMA pilot to tackle industry’s digital skills gap

Peformance Marketing World: DMA campaign tackles digital skills gap by prioritising talent


HR Magazine: Micro-upskilling will help HR teams improve talent retention

Personnel Today: Why ‘micro-upskilling’ is key for productivity

Training Zone: Introduce a learning culture into your organisation


The Scotsman: Get Scottish business back on track through 'micro-upskilling’

Newsweek - Ask Your Employer About Micro-Upskilling


UK Fundraising: DMA launches campaign to tackle skills shortages

Who took part in the pilot?


RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

Golden Charter

Visit Scotland

WW (WeightWatchers UK)


The Dragonfly Agency

Liverpool Football Club


Complex Creative

Mailing Expert


TPX Impact

To learn more about how micro-upskilling will help you and your business to thrive, head here.

Are you a DMA Member? Commit to one hour, per week to keep your people sharp, your best talent happy and attract a new generation of superstars. Get involved, here.

To discuss DMA Membership, head here.

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