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Upskill and Grow: An Hour of Power per Week


70% of marketers say they spend less than an hour each week honing and evolving their skills.

For many practitioners, the value of learning and self-improvement is drowned out by the noise of tough deadlines and evermore demanding projects.

And for businesses also this creates big challenges:

  • Staff retention suffers as talented people feel stuck and stale as projects mount but skills don’t evolve
  • Meeting client demands a massive barrier to progress if you don’t have the right knowledge in the building
  • Filling skills gaps a minefield, and a sense that you are often behind the curve, tracking backwards and unable to catch-up

So what’s the solution?

We believe it’s a commitment to one hour, per week of marketing training

Help your people shut away the noise of our busy industry and their crowded workdays to find quality focus time to hone their tradecraft.

This is micro-upskilling, and you can learn more about that here.

The learning is brought to you through our institute, the IDM.

We have built a package of 200 bitesize, online micro-upskilling lessons for DMA Members to dig into and choose from – and kick off the 1hr/per week revolution.

It’s all housed and served online, via the Hub, your online home to your DMA Membership experience.

Join our pilot scheme

You’ll see how your marketing teams, your campaigns and your clients will benefit from a small revolution in how we all go about our working lives in the UK’s data and marketing industry.

If you're a DMA Member and wish to take part – or for further information – contact and we'll help get you started.

Alternatively, you can fill the form below. Applications are now closed.

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