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Intelligent Marketing


The DMA is the driving force of intelligent marketing.

But what does that mean, and why should it matter to you?

As the voice of the UK data and marketing industry we equip you and our community of data-driven marketers, creators, leaders and innovators with the tools to succeed.

It’s about creating environments and cultures of excellence: where you can grow, your teams can grow, businesses diversify and thrive, and everybody benefits.

This is how we power our classroom-to-boardroom mission to nurture the next generation of aspiring marketers; to advance careers; and to guide and inspire industry leaders.

To get there we’re active at all levels of business and society, whether influencing governments in one conversation, to building mentorship opportunities for young, aspiring marketers in another.

We already work in five distinct areas that offer the bedrock to our formulation of intelligent marketing.

With our DMA Awards, the most rewardingly hard to win awards in the business, a place you can always come to to learn how the best of the best create bold, brilliant campaigns.

Across our activity in Customer Engagement we offer you and our community best practice, research and insights that show how data, tech and creativity mesh to help you build lasting connections with customers.

In our Great British Creativity campaign you’ll discover a craft-driven mission to underscore the value of creativity to UK plc.

We also push for a total reimagination of the Value of Data – a campaign to help totally rewrite and repurpose what data means from the balance sheet to the boardroom.

And we support, advise and guide our community on how best to do the work they do responsibly and sustainably with our work in furthering an agenda of Responsible Marketing.

These are the mechanics of intelligent marketing.

And we want you to be part of a UK data and marketing community that fuses technology, far-reaching insight, brave creativity and diverse talent to bring about vibrant work that sees you win and our industry go from strength-to-strength.

And we underpin this mixture with a single-minded commitment to putting the customer first, something we articulate with our Code.

This means we work as one to build a stronger, more responsible, diverse, sustainable and creative industry.

For example our work on Making Measurement Meaningful tackles six common challenges marketers face in capturing a true picture of campaign effectiveness - but it handily offers 13 solutions, so do please take a look at the whitepaper.

And for those looking for learning and training in the creation and nurture of intelligent marketing teams, or in the delivery of quality intelligent marketing campaigns that are data-driven and customer-focused then we have two new IDM qualififcations - the Postgraduate Diploma in Intelligent Marketing and the Professional Diploma in Intelligent Marketing.

And we bring you our interview series with Campaign.

I speak with some of the leading practitioners in data-driven creativity and marketing to find out what makes them tick, how they build successful cultures, what makes their work memorable and why marketing can be done responsibly, sustainably, smartly:

  • In conversation with WW's marketing director, Tony Miller, here.
  • In conversation with Bulb's chief growth and marketing officer, Lis Blair, here.
  • In conversation with Natwest Group's chief marketing officer, Margaret Jobling, here.
  • In conversation with Santander UK's chief customer and innovation officer, Saj Arshad, here.

- Stephen Maher, Chair, DMA and CEO and Chair, MBAstack

To discover more about the DMA and what we offer, speak with one of our Membership team here.

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