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Value of Data

A campaign born in Scotland – led by DMA Scotland – we join forces with partners and advocates across the UK to reshape the understanding of the true worth of information.

Scotland is a hub of data expertise, FinTech and exciting, innovative start-ups – the beating heart of a data agenda across the UK's data and marketing industry.


The CMO Measurement Toolkit

In these challenging economic times, how can you demonstrate marketing effectiveness to budget-hungry CFOs? Our new guide will help you defend and grow your marketing budget.

Data Management for Marketers: Breaking Down Consent and Preferences 2022

How can you maximise the value of your customer data? New research from OneTrust and the DMA highlights the importance of implementing a reliable consent and preference management solution.

Mind the Measurement Gap

How can our industry close the measurement gap? New research from JICMAIL and the DMA brings together effectiveness insights and industry experts to unpick the endemic measurement problems in marketing.

Is Changing News Engagement Altering Trust?

Ofcom has released its latest report into the UK’s news consumption habits, providing insights into the forms of media individuals use for their news and how this may differ between different age ranges. Read on to find out more.

First Wave of Census 2022 Data Released

The first wave of the 2021 Census data has been released, providing insight into the population changes over the past 10 years across England and Wales. What are the key insights for marketers? And when will we see more of the Census data? Read on to find out.

Meaningful Marketing Measurement: Charity Sector Focus

How have charities met the challenges of the last two years? New DMA research delivers insight into the evolution of charity marketing effectiveness, the drivers and inhibitors of growth, and how successfully charity marketers are measuring charity marketing effectiveness.

Meaningful Marketing Measurement: Email Focus

Our latest report presents key email effectiveness insights uncovered through analysis of the DMA’s Intelligent Marketing Databank. Discover the effectiveness of email, how marketers are measuring its effectiveness, and how the channel has evolved over recent years.

Meaningful Marketing Measurement 2022

Our report presents key effectiveness insights that have been uncovered through analysis of the DMA’s Intelligent Marketing Databank. Discover a unique perspective on early and late-stage pandemic marketing effectiveness.

Marketing Measurement Framework 101

Are you looking to build more effective campaigns? Get the toolkit you need to effectively measure your media campaigns with the DMA's Marketing Measurement Framework.