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We are very excited to announce that to continue to drive exposure for the fantastic work One Million Meals are doing, The Proclaimers have kindly let us borrow their song and rewrite the lyrics to bring to life the efforts to keep our key workers fed during this difficult time. Performed by popular 80’s band Friends of Gavin, and with the help of TLC Marketing – all of whom gave their time, skills and musical talents for free, we hope to create a huge buzz around the cause and of course raise lots of money:

One Million Meals, are a non-profit organisation with the huge goal of feeding frontline and NHS workers with (you guessed it!) one million warm, tasty and nutritious meals. Much more appealing than a packet of crisps from the vending machine! However as demand increases, they are being forced to refuse hospital requests for hot meals and need your help to continue what they are doing and keep our everyday heroes full.

One Million Meals are a small team of volunteers and social entrepreneurs working to deliver this ambitious project through the help of fundraising as well as the help of brands such as Yakult, Belvoir, Biotiful and Innocent donating their products. The delivery of those precious meals is possible via restaurant partners signing up to their platform as a supplier. Hospitals can also sign up directly to the platform to start receiving meals from their local restaurants.

Donations are crucial for sustaining this operation and ensuring they can meet the growing demand from hospitals and workers. As the demand for hot meals is exceeding supply, we are encouraging everyone to donate to One Million Meals however you can – through volunteering, product, fundraising or donations.

This can be done via the website or by getting in touch with the wonderful team directly

Quite rightly they have already received a huge amount of press coverage in the UK and support from some familiar names, like David Beckham and Amir Khan. But we need to do more!

It’s the least we feel we can do for the people who are taking care of us in such a critical time.

About One Million Meals, social handle @onemillionmeals


One Million Meals is a volunteer-led non-profit initiative that aims to serve one million meals to NHS hospital staff, key workers and vulnerable people with free, nutritious meals and drinks during the COVID-19 crisis. One Million Meals is raising funds and receiving commitments and pledges from different individuals and businesses in terms of support. To date, we have managed to support 203 locations (NHS trusts, hospitals, agencies) across the UK. So far, we have managed to serve more than 47 NHS hospitals by delivering more than 60,000 meals and drinks to doctors, nurses, paramedics and other key workers on the frontline risking their lives.

About TLC Marketing, social handle LinkedIn @TLCMarketingWorldwide


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TLC Marketing is The Original Rewards Company. Founded in 1954, we are the world leaders in bringing brand stories to life through customer rewards provided by our incredible national networks and brand partnerships. If a brand talks about beautiful hair, we can provide a free haircut with every purchase. Or if they promote a healthy lifestyle we can treat every single customer to a free fitness or wellness session. We call this approach turning brand storytelling into story doing, because we know actions speak louder than words. With offices in 14 markets, we apply storydoing from New York to Sydney offering customers the experiences they love. Working with the biggest brands in the world including McDonald's, Nestle, Unilever, H&M, Samsung and many more to help them achieve amazing results.

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