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Amazon Advertising - Part 1


Sponsored Ads

If you already sell on Amazon but want to boost the visibility of products sponsored ads offers two approaches.

1. Individual product promotion.

These appear at the side or bottom of search result and products pages.

Amazon automatically generates an ad using the product name and image from your feed. You can include an additional 50 character line.

Your ad is eligible to show through audience based targeting, those currently available are listed below and are fairly broad categories. Or product targeting, specific SKUs and similar products. Payment is on a CPC basis with a £100 minimum spend per product.

Note: keyword product targeting is currently available for retail vendors only.

Current Amazon UK interest based targets eligible to bid on:

Electronics & Photo, Music, Toys & Games, PC & Video Games, Software, Film & TV, Kids & Baby, Kitchen & Home, Garden & Outdoors, Health & Beauty, Computers & Accessories, Grocery, Jewellery, Pet Supplies, Lifestyle, Hobby & Professional, Shoes & Accessories, Beauty, Music.

2. Sponsored Search.

These banner image ads promote your Brands seller page. They appear on the home pages of Amazon Departments and the top of search results.

Again Amazon will automatically create your ad through your feed with no creative needed.

You select your targeting through keywords that represent your Amazon page. Each KW Payment is on a CPC basis with a minimum 10p bid & £100 campaign spend. Keywords are can be phrase or exact match, with no negative keywords available.

Amazon Product Ads

If you don't sell products through Amazon you can still utilise the audience & consumer patterns with ads that redirect to your website. You need to upload a (.txt) product cataloge which they claim you can format yourself or request Amazon to make you one. The requirements can be found at; FAQ.

Ads are created through your feed and mirror Amazon product ads. They're eligible to show at the bottom of search result and product pages.

Targeting is limited to 5 keywords per product. There is no minimum spend per month. It works on a CPC model that takes into account the price and category of the product. Minimum CPC start out at 10p, current category CPC predictions can be found at; Product Ad Pricing.

Current UK categories eligible to bid on:

- Baby, Computer, Electronics, Grocery and Gourmet, Home Improvement, Home and Garden, Musical Instruments, Office Products, and Toys categories.

Categories requiring Amazon approval:

- Clothing, Beauty, Health & Personal Care, Food, Jewellery, Watches.

Either services could offer a great supplement to current campaigns. The targeting and interface are years behind Google AdWords but with so much consumer data and volume Amazon offers a great platform for engaging with in marketing shoppers.

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