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Guy Hanson

Guy Hanson

Validity International Limited
Vice President of Customer Engagement

Deputy Chair of the Email Council and Chair of the Research Hub.

As we sit in the email councils local watering hole enjoying the last of the questionable British summer, I get some insight into the man that is Guy Hanson as he enjoys a cold ale……

Describe yourself in 3 words: “Hard working”, “Loyal”, and “Honest”

How would your friends describe you: “********* - Rudely” (I find that hard to believe)

Best advice you have received: leverage your business relationships (read into that as you will)

What is your motto: Go high or go home – (clearly a salesman)

If your house was on fire what’s the first thing you would save?: His dog as he believes his family is capable of escaping. He hopes…

What is your guilty pleasure?: Biltong – he has been tempted to make it but not just yet.

Who would play you in a film of your life?: Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones, Starwars, etc.) He can even make a bullwhip crack – did someone say prove it?

Most overused word?: “The” - What a geek

Person you most admire?: Matt Blumberg

Greatest Achievement?: Life is a work in progress

Best thing about email?: I've made a living from it

The one thing I wish everyone knew about email is?: It’s not all spam

Email I always open?: Firebox

Most interesting email you opened recently?: It was from the national lottery informing me they had some interesting news!! That has my attention as I bought a ticket just the other day it must be the big payout I've been waiting for. Alas, it was not, just a mere £2.90 looks like I better keep working for a little longer.

Interview by Tom Corbett, Experian, and fellow Email Marketing Council Member