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The Marketer email tracker 2017 - the latest email trends

Marketer-email-tracking-survey-2017 (1).png

Take part in this the Marketer email tracker study and be the first to learn about the latest trends in email, the most used channel in modern marketing 

Now in it's ninth year, sponsored by dotmailer, the DMA's Marketer email tracker 2017 presents marketers' opinions, experiences and performance of email marketing.

Tell us the pitfalls. Tell us the potential. Tell us the point-of-view that matters: yours. 

We want to know:

  • How important email marketing is to your organisation
  • How effective you think it is 
  • What is most the most effective way to encourage customers to open your emails

Give us your views and hear the results launched at our event on 9th February.

You can also read last year's report here, or take a quick view through our infographic here.

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The considered value of email marketing remained high over the course of 2013; however there has been a decline in the proportion rating it as strategically important or very important to their business.


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Email newsletters are an essential and potentially high-performing tool for marketers. However, what often happens is the newsletter is created, and while it continues to be sent year in and year out, it is not reviewed or measured. Without regular monitoring, newsletters will not perform to their highest potential – and you definitely will not get the ROI that you should. 


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