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Meaningful Marketing Measurement 2021


As marketing professionals, we should be constantly striving to discover new and rich data sources to contribute to both our understanding of marketing effectiveness and the measurement of this effectiveness.

This report, sponsored by Marketreach and Salesforce, highlights some of the early marketing effectiveness insights that have been uncovered through the analysis of the DMA’s new Intelligent Marketing Databank. Our latest report offers insights around this pressing challenge, including the inconsistent views of measuring effectiveness across the media landscape, the pandemic effectiveness boom, as well as brand vs response, retention vs acquisition, and digital vs offline.

Built on the foundations of over 850 entries to the DMA Awards (dating back to 2017), the Intelligent Marketing Databank provides a perspective on the evolution of marketing effectiveness in recent years. The insights span brand and response campaigns, retention and acquisition campaigns, single to multi-channel campaigns, and 20 industry sectors. The findings also address some of the challenges highlighted by a cross-section of industry experts in the DMA’s ‘Making Measurement Meaningful’ whitepaper.

In particular, of the 167 measures of effectiveness identified across the campaigns analysed, around 40% relate to campaign delivery metrics (such as audience reach, impressions generated, open rates, click-throughs and social engagements). In other words, rates that say nothing of true campaign impact. The remaining 60% relate to response, brand and business impact.

One of the report’s conclusions is that marketers should strive to leave campaign delivery metrics in their media planning and auditing documents, where they belong. Because when it comes to campaign evaluation and post-campaign reports, the aspiration should be for 100% of campaign effectiveness measures to relate to response, brand or business impact. Not the current 60:40 split.

Delve into this initial analysis of the Intelligent Marketing Databank and learn more about the industry’s current measurement challenges, what marketers can do to overcome them and what the DMA is doing to help.

Meaningful Marketing Measurement 2021

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