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Email Deliverability: A Journey into the Inbox 2020


Email is the beating heart of every customer engagement strategy, with both customers and marketers expressing its effectiveness as part of our dedicated annual series of research.

In partnership with Validity, this report investigates where the email journey starts and how marketers deal with this delicate phase. Understanding how marketers think about email deliverability, which aspects they feel confident with and, ultimately, how they measure its success, is crucial to helping them improve their overall performance. Mistakes at this early stage may cause significant financial impact – as over 90% of marketers told us in this survey.

The figures highlight that marketers are clear about the relationship between observing legislation and good deliverability. However, they have also made clear how understanding deliverability best practices isn’t the same as implementing them – saying and doing are two very different things.

Findings have also brought to light how much harder email deliverability is for smaller businesses, with one in four (25%) of small/micro businesses declaring they’re not aware of deliverability.

This report is a great tool for those marketers willing to cover the gap between their knowledge and practice, as we guide them through the aspects of their deliverability strategy that they should prioritise to improve email performance.

We’ll also be sharing deeper insights around where new email subscribers are being sourced from, how much of a typical email list is “suspect,” tactics for bringing down high bounce rates, and how much email senders are spending on their deliverability.

If increasing your inbox placement, having a greater subscriber reach, and enhancing program ROI is what you are looking for, all you must do is download our full report.

Email Deliverability: A Journey to the Inbox 2020

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