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Customer Engagement: Future Trends Report 2024

Customer Engagement: Future Trends Report 2024

In our latest Customer Engagement: Future Trends 2024 report, we explore the newest trends in how businesses connect with their customers. We spotlight the growing influence of generative AI in marketing, showing how it can transform creative content and improve customer service, while also highlighting the need for careful consideration of ethics and privacy.

As the use of third-party cookies fades away, personalisation is getting a makeover. Companies are now using their own data and AI to offer more relevant, consent-based experiences that meet customer expectations for both privacy and personal touch.

The report doesn't overlook the continued importance of in-person brand experiences, even in our digital-first world. Examples from brands like ASOS and H&M show that people still crave physical interactions, pointing to a balance between online convenience and tangible experiences.

Our Customer Engagement: Future Trends 2024 report is grounded in solid research and provides practical advice for marketers looking to stay ahead in customer engagement. It emphasises blending technology with a personal touch to build stronger loyalty and connections with consumers.

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