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Introducing: The Hub


The Hub is an online, multimedia platform developed by the DMA to help you work intelligently, build better teams, boost your business and transform your DMA Membership experience.

A world of insight, learning and development at your fingertips, it is a home to in-depth research reports, real-time industry snapshots and editorials that tackle the marketing challenges you most need to solve.

The Hub is also where you will find world-class learning and training delivered by the IDM and youth, young talent and student experiences curated by DMA Talent.

Everything in one place to help you get better at what you do.

And it’s all completely flexible so you can build a Hub experience to suit what you need, when you need it.

We offer the Hub in the following three dashboards:

  • The Membership Hub
  • The Learning Hub
  • The Student Hub

Here’s how each experience works.

The Membership Hub

DMA Members use the Hub as a gateway to learning and development resources, and as the place where individuals and teams boost skills and knowledge.

You’ll tap into a wealth of Member-only research and insight from across the core campaign activity that powers our driving force of intelligent marketing mission: the DMA Awards, Customer Engagement, Great British Creativity, Responsible Marketing and Value of Data.

And all of that activity is crafted, influenced and endorsed by our Councils and Committees community of thought-leaders and practitioners.

Grow what you know and build your Membership Hub experience out to incorporate learning and training from the IDM, including over 130 bitesize learning modules to choose from.

To discuss accessing the Membership Hub, or to request a virtual tour, click here [CTA required] or speak directly to your account manager.

The Learning Hub

The DMA supports marketers from the classroom to the boardroom – and world-class learning from the IDM is the bedrock of that promise.

Through the Learning Hub you access individual self-study module options and specific qualifications from the IDM catalogue – that’s Awards, Certificate and Diploma-level study.

There are also 130 bitesize modules available to choose from, drawing on topics from 12 key, practical marketing themes.

And everything will be hosted on the Hub – all your multimedia learning materials and resources, with access to DMA-public research and insight as well.

Included in the Learning Hub you’ll find 10 accredited IDM Awards that cover digital and data-driven topics. That’s 350 hours of formal, IDM learning packaged up and housed on the Learning Hub dashboard for you and your teams to tap into and upskill from.

To find out more about the Learning Hub, click here.

The Student Hub

The Student Hub is a multimedia dashboard for DMA Student Members.

Packed with real-life marketing insights and industry snapshots, learning resources, interactive and practical lessons covering the latest marketing trends, DMA Student Members use the Student Hub to build a career development approach that suits busy work and personal lives.

It’s a totally integrated Hub experience that offers the best of the DMA, IDM and DMA Talent.

So there’s access to the IDM Award in GDPR, the DMA’s extensive webinar library capturing insights, guidance, hints and tips from established marketers and speakers, plus the DMA Awards case study library showcasing the best-in-class creativity, strategy and results.

The Student Hub is where you’ll hone your skillsets, acquire new knowledge and build a stronger CV, devising your own personalised study schedule to fit in with your work-life commitments.

To discuss The Hub in more detail, to discuss pricing and to request a tour of platform, speak with a member of our Commercial Team, here.

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