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Why study with the DMA?


DMA Learning Products

The DMA has a selection of different learning products available, ranging from Masterclasses, through to qualifications such as Awards, Certificates and Diplomas. The DMA Learning portfolio covers every core topic within digital and data driven marketing.

As the DMA’s Institute, the Institute of Data & Marketing (IDM) accredits the qualifications and training offered. Over the last 30 years, the IDM have trained 100,000+ marketers from across the UK delivering excellent, world-class courses through the DMA Learning Hub and endorse university courses from across the UK to ensure they are maintaining the same world-class standard following industry standards and best practice.

Through our classroom to boardroom approach, we look to nurture the next generation of aspiring marketers, advance careers and guide and inspire business leaders.

By studying a DMA course accredited by the IDM, you’ll be part of a best in class learning environment. All DMA Learning is underpinned by the rigorous DMA Code: an aspirational agreement promoting best practice with clear guidelines for businesses to achieve and measure against. All DMA tutors are handpicked, leading practitioners from across the UK. DMA learning content undergoes rigorous assessment to meet industry standards; our case studies are selected from real-world, award-winning campaigns by the UK's top marketers.


A masterclass is a high-quality and relatively brief learning experience jam-packed with indepth
knowledge, delivered by an expert tutor who offers hands-on learning. DMA
Masterclasses take place over one or two-days, focusing on sharing core content through
real life knowledge and examples, for people to go away and implement in the workplace
immediately. The DMA delivers over 40 masterclasses, ranging from beginner, to intermediate, to

Skills Bootcamps
The DMA run government funded skills bootcamps. These are flexible courses of up to 16
weeks for adults aged 19 or over. They give people the opportunity to build up valuable
sector-specific skills based on local employer demand and provide a direct path to a job on
completion. The Skills Bootcamps are for those who are either in work, self-employed,
unemployed, or returning to work after a break. Find a Skills Bootcamp here.

A qualification is an official record of achievement awarded on the successful completion of a
course upon passing an assessment. Qualifications are classified by the minimum amount of
time it takes the average person to complete them, this is known as Total Qualification Time
(TQT).The DMA have a variety of qualifications including, Awards, Certificates and Diplomas.

An Award is the shortest form of qualification and can range from 1 to 120 hours. Awards
have the fewest number of modules and can be assessed through a written assignment or
online multiple-choice exam. The DMA currently offers 12 Award level qualifications.

Certificates vary in terms of hours, ranging from 121 to 369 hours. They offer comprehensive
course content to help master a particular area of study, providing all the knowledge needed
to take your career to the next level. They can be assessed through a written assignment or
online multiple-choice exam. The DMA currently offers 2 Certificate level qualifications.

Diplomas are the longest and most comprehensive qualifications available and take over
370 hours to complete. They offer wide-ranging coverage of the chosen subject matter,
providing detailed training designed to develop your skills to the optimal level. Diplomas
usually have different assessment formats, including written assessments and a formal
exam.The DMA currently offers 2 Diploma level qualifications.

The DMA is on a mission to support marketers in continuous professional development and provide high-quality learning at affordable rates. By doing so, we aim to raise standards in the marketing industry and support talent through ongoing professional development.

Browse our complete range of DMA digital and data-driven marketing courses developed by industry experts. DMA Members get discounts on all learning offerings. Find the right fit for you and expand your capabilities in 2024 here.

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