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Welcome to DMA North


Welcome to this whip through of the comings and goings from around the DMA in the North.

What happened at the Leeds Creative Data Academy 2020?

From 2 to 4 September, a group of aspiring marketers joined the Leeds Creative Data Academy, supported by the DM Trust and sponsored by ASDA, to discover how data and insights are harnessed by businesses and are crucial to their marketing strategies. The diverse mix of speakers included Alchemy Media, BBC, and Kao Corporation. Find out more details, here.

Fanfinders: The Evolvement of Social Media and Online Content

The pandemic has caused a shift in the way we use social media and consume information. Jasmine Gurney, Head of Content and Social, FanFinders – which operates Your Baby Club – tells us how the company has better evaluated what users want and how they behave. Explore the ways the business is giving both mums and dads a voice, answering important questions, and offering advice, here.

Coronavirus: September 2020 – The Impacts on Business

The DMA continues to listen to the key concerns and impacts the pandemic is having on the data and marketing industry. Now in its sixth phase, the latest results from our Coronavirus Survey reveal that a post-summer recovery was disappointing, with revenues remaining at just over two-thirds pre-pandemic levels (72.1%). Uncover more responses from marketing professionals and read a statement from Chris Combemale, CEO of the DMA.

DMA Talent Neurodiversity Workshop

On Wednesday 4 November, DMA Talent's Neurodiversity Initiative is hosting another free workshop via Zoom on how to best support neurodiverse talent in the workplace. Run by Matthew Trerise, autism specialist, and Angela Armstrong, leadership coach and learning and development consultant, the event will highlight suggested adjustments that businesses can make, from job advertisements to line management training.

Door Drop Standards

Written by the Door Drop Hub of the Print Council, this detailed guide outlines what to look for and clarify with your supplier in advance of booking your distribution. Learn about the difference between solus and shared items, costs, coverage, timing, backchecks, plus complaints and queries. The article even provides contact information for the Data and Marketing Commission in case there’s a hiccup in your plans.

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At a recent DMA North Council meeting we discussed how student placements are under threat due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. It’s no surprise given how many organisations are struggling right now, either putting staff on furlough or having to make redundancies. It’s a very trying time to say the least.

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