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UK Outsourcing Study 2015 â The Results

The results from a comprehensive study of the UK’s outsourcing industry – specifically IT and online outsourcing – have been published recently on the HR Director website, so we thought we’d share some of the most interesting and insightful results with you.

The research was conducted by Whiteland Research with PA Consulting Group, and looked at 800 outsourcing contracts held by 260 of the top spending IT organisations in every sector from across the UK. The contracts studied, when combined, totalled a staggering £15 billion – or around 75% of the UK market.
In the study, CIOs and CFOs are asked their opinions on their current outsourcing strategies, future outsourcing plans and their opinions on their outsourcing providers.

First and foremost the study discovered that the UK outsourcing market is due to continue its growth, with 69% of respondents claiming they will continue to outsource at their current level or more so in the coming months. One of the key reasons driving this increase in outsourcing is the desire to focus on core business, as cited by 68% of respondents. Vassilis Serafeimidis, the Head of IT Sourcing at PA Consulting Group, commented that: “The survey shows a rise in the wish to transform new business driven partially by the move to ‘digital everything”.

Other reasons included a desire to access better business resources and the need to transform a business for the better in 2015.
One shift that was noted in the study revolved around more than 50% of UK businesses looking to begin using public cloud vendors; those already in use (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, for example) were generally reported to deliver high satisfaction levels.

When it came to existing outsourcing contracts, 86% of respondents were satisfied with the service they were receiving.
What do you make of the results?

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