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Phygital Platforms: Merging Physical And Digital


by Georgios Achillias
Director of Strategy, Wipro Digital

The digital and physical worlds – and their supporting industries – differ widely. When it comes to production and transport, for instance, costs and speeds vary greatly. Digital is immediately more scalable and offers greater potential to abstract and simulate.

The technology of digital also enables more personal experiences for users. As an example, the resolution of the control circuit that Google uses to manage digital advertising is several times higher than what’s used in the physical world, where a unidirectional medium like television or a billboard sends a static message to an unknown mass of potential customers.

The finely grained control of digital offers huge advantages that make the digital advertising market far more dynamic than the physical one, and for years now, advertising budgets have been moving from the physical to the digital sphere. Digitalization leads to high-resolution management because the cost of measuring and actuating elements is almost zero, while changes can be made with nearly the speed of light.

Digital platforms also offer huge opportunities to improve businesses and the way humans interact with the physical world. For brands and businesses to be competitive, it’s essential they consider platforms carefully.

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