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New UK Information Commissioner's tenure begins - DMA CEO comments


John Edwards started his new role as UK Information Commissioner earlier this week – his tenure will have significant influence on the digital economy and data & marketing industry’s growth over the coming years.

Following John Edwards’ recent statement, the Data & Marketing Association’s CEO, Chris Combemale, has provided some comments below on what developments our industry hopes to work towards with the ICO.

“The DMA supports John Edwards' comments that the respectful and responsible use of data is compatible with data-driven innovation,” said Chris Combemale, CEO of the DMA. “We look forward to working closely with the ICO to share our expertise and resources in the development of industry codes of conduct, as specified in UK GDPR, and in achieving clarity around the use of legitimate interests for marketing. The DMA and our Members have always believed that our industry's responsible and innovative marketing practices will generate sustainable economic growth — these enhancements will help us to deliver it through increased public trust and transparency across the data-driven economy.”

Legitimate interest is currently an under-utilised basis of GDPR, but it is essential to businesses looking to find and retain customers. In order for any business to provide a relevant experience for customers, they must be able to process insights gained from their own first-hand knowledge of customers, as well as additional insights from other sources. At the DMA’s recent roundtable, hosted in conjunction with the DCMS, DMA Members expressed strong support for achieving clarity around the use of legitimate interests in marketing.

There is an opportunity for industry associations like the DMA, in partnership with the ICO, to establish industry Codes of Conduct across every sector of the economy. This possibility is outlined by articles 40 and 41 of the GDPR. Industry Codes of Conduct can help to apply current data protection legislation to achieve the government’s growth and innovation objectives. To ensure we find a better balance between innovation, growth and privacy, we must first develop and introduce these industry Codes of Conduct. This will make organisations and their industry associations responsible and accountable for finding this balance in a safe way

The DMA is working closely with the ICO to approve a direct marketing Code of Conduct and secure approval of our existing Data & Marketing Commission as the Industry Monitoring Body. Many other industry sectors are doing the same.

These enhancements will unleash innovation across the economy while ensuring high standards of privacy protection are maintained, building trust and confidence in a modern, data-driven economy.

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