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My dog ate my email: a podcast series all


We’ve pooled The DMA’s Email Council outreach hub’s considerable expertise to bring you My Dog Ate My Email, a podcast about all things email. From AI to KPIs we’ll be covering a whole host of topics featuring a variety of guests who live and breathe email.

Episode 2: Deliverability keeps me up at night

Hosted by Lili Boev, self-professed email geek and director of client success, Vuture, with guest speaker Steve Henderson, head of deliverability, Emarsys.

Listen to discover:

  • What sets the UK digital market apart from the rest of the markets out there
  • The importance of refreshing your basic email marketing skills on a regular basis
  • The difference between consumer-lead ISP’s and B2B emails
  • How B2B marketers can improve their deliverability

Episode 1: Life after GDPR

Taking the reins in episode one is self-professed email geek Lili Boev, director of client success, Vuture alongside Jenna Tiffany, founder and strategy director, Let’sTalk Strategy and Steve Henderson, head of deliverability, Emarsys.

Episode one focuses on the impact of GDPR on the industry and the effect it has had on the email space, the misconceptions of GDPR and the organisation culture change that it has brought about.

Please note: The full name of the DMA is the Direct Marketing Association.

If you have any burning email questions that need answers, would like us to cover a specific topic or if you think you’ve got the email marketing know how to be involved with My dog ate my email please email

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