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Millennials outsourcing â trends here to stay

The outsourcing industry is constantly in evolution, with all those involved in the industry having had to adapt to vast technological changes in recent years; so when we discovered an article on the CIO website regarding exactly how outsourcing has changed in the millennial era, we naturally decided to take a closer look and see how many changes we have witnessed ourselves.

Outsourcing contracts due for renewal this year will be subject to numerous changes, in some cases making them almost unrecognisable to traditional outsourcing deals. Some of the bigger trends set to emerge include the proliferation of the as-a-Service model; technological advancements mean industry professionals will see this trend not only stick around, but evolve further as well.

Similarly, automation is due to stay relevant and undergo some changes, too. More service providers will look to automation for a more streamlined and effective process – the “automation appetite” of organisations will become something for clients and business partners to consider as it becomes an ever more important aspect of business.

Following on from these two highly technical trends, the reliance on data and analytics will also be of the utmost importance to millennial outsourcing. Both of these will be used to assess performance and efficiency within the outsourcing industry and will help to pinpoint certain areas where business improvements can be made. The tools available today for reporting and receiving metrics will be enhanced further so that internal trends can be directly connected to external factors, providing those involved with a more fact-based and informative overview of operations.

Other trends mentioned in the article include changes to risk considerations, market consolidation and a new client-facing focus. How else do you see the outsourcing industry changing in the millennial era?

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