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Hybrid Mail: Which Sectors Does It Work Best In?


Hybrid Mail: It’s one of the most rapidly growing areas of direct mail fulfilment due to the many benefits it provides to a variety of sectors. In the most basic terms, hybrid mail is mail delivered using both electronic and physical delivery. Digital information is transformed into a printed document as near to the final delivery address as possible. The most notable benefits include quick delivery, reduced postage costs and lower production. As well as this, senders do not have to purchase all the printing and enveloping equipment to carry out this laborious task in-house. Whether public, private or third sector, hybrid mail could be the solution for you. But, as with most business services, there will be some industries that will benefit from hybrid mail more than others. Which sectors does it work best in?


Charities print a variety of material – from emergency appeals and thank-you letters to acquisition and retention marketing campaigns. Hybrid mail can make creating highly personalised and engaging campaigns easier, meaning you can target messages to potential donators more precisely.

Financial services

Renewals and change-of-term letters, as well as acquisition campaigns, are examples of the printed documents needed by financial services. Naturally, financial mail can be highly confidential, so hybrid mail can offer the most secure option; after being encrypted, it is sent to a secure ISO 27001 accredited facility for printing and mailing. What does this mean? Guaranteed data security compliance for all kinds of private financial correspondence.


From patient reminders and letters to awareness campaigns, the NHS sends out a variety of confidential documents, meaning hybrid mail is once again the perfect solution.

Estate agents

Any estate agent knows that branding is crucial to their business. With hybrid mail, branding and house pack contents, for example, are controlled centrally in order to guarantee consistency. In challenging market times, estate agents always welcome time-saving and cost-effective solutions.

Public sector

UK councils, for example, are increasingly taking to hybrid mail to save costs, as are dental practices for their patient letters, and housing associations. In all cases, outbound mail is electronically archived for quick and easy retrieval.

As an example, Banner Managed Communication has worked with a housing association that was looking to save postage costs and increase efficiency. We highlighted a possible saving of 36.5% against their current external letter costs. Hybrid mail is proving so successful for this association that there are plans to increase the scope to include further functions.
For more case studies or information on hybrid mail, please contact Banner Managed Communications today.

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