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Sales are skyrocketing with this marketing tech

20 times more sales

What could you do with that? It would be like winning the lottery, wouldn’t it? Except that it’s not necessarily such a far-fetched dream. Infact, you could be just one step away from seeing your sales skyrocket.

You’re probably spending a lot to get people to your store. Like a lot, a lot, right? All that advertising and marketing that drives people to your front door. But once they’re there, then what?

How many people actually walk into your store, look around and then leave without buying anything? Or only buy one or two things? What if you could convert a much higher percentage of visitors into sales? What if everyone who bought something, bought one more thing from you?

Well, there’s a new player in the marketing tools gang that is majorly upping conversion in these ways. It’s called iBeacon and it’s pretty awesome.

iBeacon is Apple’s software protocol that allows mobile devices to pick up signals from nearby “beacons”. Those signals can contain pretty much whatever you want.

Simple brand messages, reaffirming imagery, video content, offers and all sorts of other stuff can all be sent to customers phones from little boxes in your store.

This stuff gets served up just when people are making the crucial to buy or not to buy decision. A small piece of content might be just what they need to nudge them off the fence. Infact, once they’re at that stage, in-store and thinking about buying, they probably want to buy. They’re searching for a reason to. Give them that reason.

Plus you can use it to cross-sell. Show outfit ideas for clothing, offer “when bought with” deals, provide recipe inspiration, show other items in the same range.

It’s not for pestering people, it’s for giving them additional value that will significantly increase the chances of them buying something.

US grocer Hillshire used iBeacon solutions to point in-store customers towards certain products and deliver recipe ideas and shopping lists. They recorded a 20x increase in purchase intent. That’s huge! Way more than other mobile marketing techniques can achieve.

And those awesome results are hardly surprising when you discover that 82% of smartphone users turn to their phones to help them make decisions while in-store (says Google and Ipsos)!

So there you have it. You’ve done the hard work and got customers coming through the door. Now you just have to give them that last nudge, help them justify the purchase. Do that and your sales will skyrocket.

Note : Most iBeacon solutions only offer the beacon itself which can mean a lengthy and expensive software development process. If you’re looking for an end-to-end solution, check out Live Beacon.

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