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FEDMA elects DMA executive director Chris Combemale to its board


The DMA’s executive director, Chris Combemale has been elected to the FEDMA board, a move that is a natural progression building upon his work with FEDMA over the past two years and his involvement lobbying on a variety of issues in Europe.

Chris’s election comes at a critically important time as the EU moves towards new regulation on data protection, and FEDMA must have a strong and effective presence in the EU.

The draft EU Data Protection Regulation is the most serious threat to the one-to-one marketing industry in Europe, an industry that is annually worth €47bn in Europe. In its current form the draft Regulation fails to achieve the right balance between the protecting the privacy of the individual and supporting the legitimate one-to-one marketing industry.

The FEDMA board members have cited promoting businesses’ awareness and understanding of consumer protection data and privacy as paramount to ensuring that the one-to-one marketing industry continues to grow and drive economic growth throughout Europe. That’s why the DMA, jointly with FEDMA, will continue to push for a more pro-business approach.

This will build on the work of the last two years during which Chris has been working closely with FEDMA to lobby for changes to the draft EU Data Protection Regulation, among other issues. This has been allied to FEDMA’s drive to raise awareness among European businesses of the imminent data reforms and their potential impact on how they communicate one-to-one to consumers.

For more on the proposed EU data protection reforms visit our Data Protection Toolkit.

FEDMA election results

Chris Combemale, Executive Director of the DMA in the UK

Christian Dürig, Director European Affairs of Deutsche Post DHL

Anton Jenzer, Founder and Managing Director of Anton Jenzer Consulting GmbH and President of the Dialog Marketing Verband Österreich

Martin Nitsche, Founder and Managing Partner of Solveta GmbH and President of the Deutscher Dialogmarketing Verband e. V.

Marine Pouyat, responsible for legal and environmental affairs at the Fédération Française du E-commerce (FEVAD) and representing the Union Française du Marketing Direct & Digital

Alexander Singewald, CEO of Singewald Consultants Group BV

Ivan Vandremeersch, former FEDMA Secretary General, has been asked by the new Board members to remain special advisory to the Board.

Find out more about the FEDMA board.

We wish Chris the best of luck in his new role and know he will be powerful and effective voice for the 1-to-1 marketing industry in Europe.

Zachary Thornton, External Affairs Executive, DMA

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