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DCMS Sec of State Outlines New Aims for ICO and Data


As Elizabeth Denham steps down as Chief Commissioner of the ICO in the coming months, and as post-Brexit UK takes its first steps, Secretary of State for DCMS, Oliver Dowden MP, has outlined his vision for the regulator and the future of the data environment in the UK and beyond.

Writing in the Financial Times, Dowden called for a new public view of data and its use in government, business and wider society.

As I launch the competition to find the next information commissioner, I want to set a bold new approach that capitalises on all we’ve learnt during the pandemic, which forced us to share data quickly, efficiently and responsibly for the public good. It is one that no longer sees data as a threat, but as the great opportunity of our time.

- Oliver Dowden MP

While Dowden outlined the importance of maintaining and developing rigorous data privacy standards, he argued now was the time for the next commissioner to help the industry utilise data in more innovative ways, unlocking economic benefits.

The Secretary of State also argued for deviating from EU standards to forge the UK's own path, while maintaining fundamental links outlined in Data Adequacy and GDPR. Read the full FT article here.

The DMA has consistently pushed for a high-standards, business supportive environment that will provide the most fruitful commercial balance. Growing trust, improving accountability, protecting privacy and ensuring clarity is fundamental for this.

With our partners in Europe and further afield, the DMA is also working on Global Principles of data protection, which we aim to develop alongside the UK's new policy goals.

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