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Data privacy 2015: what the consumer really thinks


Data privacy: what the consumer really thinks 2015 It is crucial that brand strategists, futurologists and government regulators keep up to date with fast changing attitudes to privacy.

Importantly, brands need to begin to recognise that attitudes are not uniform or static.

That’s why the DMA and Acxiom commissioned a new study to track consumer attitudes to privacy.

The study shows a considerable change in attitudes since 2012, with signicant increases overall in those willing to share data and a signicant decrease in fundamentalists opposed to sharing data.

Trust remains the critical factor in willingness to share data.

Brands that succeed in the information age will be the brands that put earning and keeping trust at the heart of their customer proposition.

Download the report and infographic below:

 Data Privacy: What the consumer really thinks full report

 Data Privacy: What the consumer really thinks infographic

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