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Creative Duos: Two Heads are Better than One


Copywriters and designers go together like a horse and carriage, right?


A copywriter-graphic designer collaboration is a creative mesh of two minds with complementary skills coming together to create something visual, engaging and of course, on brand.

Great minds think alike?

When graphic designers and copywriters work together, they expand their creative horizons.

Design connects directly with the side of the brain that's responsible for creative thinking and image recognition, while the other side of the brain looks after logic and critical thinking.

Get two experts together, and it creates the perfect combo.

Creative conflict

Regardless of how great the two of you are on paper - if you can't work together and share ideas harmoniously, then you're in trouble.

There is no 'I' in 'team', after all.

Get the relationship nailed from the beginning to stave off your creative clash and keep the respect for each other's skills intact.

But don't get rid of all dissent - some of the best ideas come from butting heads, creatively speaking.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Collaboration is key when creating content.

For copywriters, working with a designer at the start of the brief can help combat time pressures during the process, allowing them to recognise any problems; like copy length or how certain words look visually.

From the other side, once a designer receives the copy, they can then see how the words bring their visuals to life and even help enhance pieces of the copy with the visual - it's kind of a 'chicken or egg' thing.

Check out the Campaign for Great British Creativity here and see how we're championing creative craft in the industry.

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