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Cold Calling Is Dead - 4 Reasons That Will Tell You Otherwise

Cold calling continues to be a topic that divides opinion. For us, it forms the core element of our lead generation activity. However, it’s a concept that is often misunderstood, and one whereby a number of people still don’t fully understand the facts. One of the fundamental areas of misunderstanding, is how cold calling has moved on over the past number of years, namely how it is now tailored to a specific client.

Here we cover four reasons that will help you understand why cold-calling isn’t dead:

1) Nurtured Process

Occasionally, cold calling can bring immediate results. More often than not, however, it doesn’t. It is a process that relies on long-term relationship building between the caller and the receiver. Many view the activity as a hard sale, with the caller delivering a well-rehearsed, and often scripted, sales pitch in as short a time as is possible. The reality is, that’s not true – those days are long gone. The caller will develop a relationship that could last weeks, months, or even years – in fact, the types of conversations are akin to meeting face-to-face.

2) Data Gathering

Data gathering is one of the most important aspects of any marketing strategy, and telemarketing is no different. Cold calling, after a relationship has been built, gives a real opportunity to build an insight about the consumer and what it is they’re looking to achieve. This data can then be used for more targeted campaigns in the future – for example, if a business is renewing their creative agency in 6 months’ time, that information is valuable when it comes to re-approaching to pitch for that work.

3) One-on-One

The third point is centred around a personalised approach. Telesales is a personalised approach, whereby one individual is dealing with one other – there are no large meeting forums, where that personalisation is lost. This presents an opportunity for the caller to understand the brand better, with the opportunity often arising to introduce new products and services directly.

4) The Skill of Sales

Sales continues to be one of the most sought after, and important, skills in any business environment. Despite the continued growth in technology, the direct approach of a good, well-trained sales person can pay dividends. There are some similarities here with the personalised approach theory – even in this day and age, people would rather deal with a human being – we can ask questions and respond in a way that computers and automated software can’t. There’s a lot to be said for that.

Cold-calling isn’t dead. In fact, it’s more alive than it’s ever been.

This article first appeared on the Alchemis website.

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