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Case study: Bord Bia â the biggest St. Patrickâs day feast ever 2013


The Objective

It’s the sweet grass of Ireland that makes some of the most luscious, tender beef in the world. It is grass-fed, natural and full of flavour – The flavour shows where the best grass grows. Spinnaker’s brief was to use St Patrick’s Day to highlight the positive attributes of Irish Beef

The Target

To drive consumer and trade engagement across digital channels.


The Strategy

For the campaign Spinnaker created a consumer challenge of delivering ‘The biggest St.Patrick’s day feast ever’. The concept was to bring everyone together around a virtual table and showcase the delicious recipes that stem from Irish Beef.

The promotion appeared across all our digital channels and revolved around a mobile-optimised Facebook app. It also included advertising, search, blogger outreach, video and PR.

Fans were asked to choose their favourite menu that they would like at their virtual feast. By making their selection, fans were automatically entered into a free prize draw to win a trip to Ireland for six people.

Additionally users had the opportunity to ‘Host their own feast’ to enjoy with their own family and friends. This was through a recipe generator based on the number of people attending their feast, and which also populated a full shopping list of all ingredients needed.

The Result

A reach of over 20 million people was delivered through advertising, social media and search. An uplift in traffic across all digital platforms was experienced, especially the number of email registrants and Facebook engagement. Subsequent post campaign tracking survey reveals consumer uplift in awareness, positive attitudes to Irish beef and claimed purchase value.

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