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AC/DC to beat X-factor to Christmas #1

I saw this article on The Wall blog today and thought worth sharing (even if it’s not completely ‘mobile’ in it’s subject matter).

As amusing as it can be to see the music industry fight itself, I was more interested in the social media as direct marketing argument (and results – measurement/tracking perhaps needing some work?) surrounding the Beyonce album launch case study.

“This used to be called direct marketing, now it’s called ECRM or social media marketing but effectively it’s the same thing. It could even be called classic content marketing. It’s actual logical and very cost effective targeted marketing. Find a Beyonce fan on social media, tell them about the new album, funnily enough they are more the likely to buy it.”

I’m off to download a copy of “Hell’s Bells” on my phone. If you can’t beat ‘em…

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