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2020 Gold Best Design or Art Direction


Agency: MRM London

Client: Tommee Tippee

Campaign Name: Nipplevision

Campaign Overview

Solving a sore point for new mums

Parents can feed their babies however they want but, as everyone knows, “breast is best”. This is fine for 34% of women who breastfeed without trouble, but painful for the rest. Could Tommee Tippee ease the hurt?


Tommee Tippee knows not to tell parents what to do. Entering the debate on breast versus bottle was a no-go. Instead, the strategy was about joining the conversation rather than changing it. This involved repositioning the brand’s flagship bottle as being the closest thing to breastfeeding.

That meant a campaign to make parents see the bottle as a boob - a big ask for a challenger brand. Tommee Tippee had a specific audience and knew where to find it: 44% of women increase Facebook use after falling pregnant. The campaign needed to live on social.

The brand doesn’t lecture new parents with patronising advice. Rather than pitch bottle against breast it wanted to champion both equally without judgement; a bold approach for a baby bottle brand.

And babies love boobs. The bottles needed to appear boobier.


Nipplevision was born. The campaign aimed to show the world through the eyes of babies. Everyday objects morphed into boobs, and boobs changed into Tommee Tippee bottles.

The campaign had to do more than sell baby bottles. It needed to launch the brand and its signature product in the US by cutting through a mass of baby bottle ads on social media.

Smiling mums, wide-eyed babies, doctors in lab coats and pristine homes were ditched. An animated world was created, in collaboration with Noma Bar where everything is a bit booby.

The result was a disruptive, inclusive baby bottle campaign that didn't tell parents what to do - just showed them what they could do.


The videos received a combined 250,475 views with 99.4% of people watching the films to the end. The campaign drove more than 6 million impressions in the UK, USA and Cyprus; Tommee Tippee’s biggest reach to date.

The campaign also achieved a CTR of 3.51%, more than double the previous campaign and six times the industry benchmark. This drove 88,000 visits to the website in one month.

The Team

"MRM - Nicky Bullard, Chairwoman & Chief Creative Officer - James Thorley, Creative Director - Jon Wells, Deputy Creative Director - Alex Prendergrast, Art Director - Sophie McGovern, Copywriter - Sarah Tille, Account Director
Mayborn Group - Louise Mustard, Head of Global Brand Build - Neil Knowles, Global Campaign & Content Manager
Dutchie Uncle Animation Studio - Noma Bar, Illustrator"