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Webinar: Diversifying Your Workforce Through Young Talent


Further diversify your workforce by tapping into new talent pools. Explore the benefits of employing young people like apprentices, how to go about it, and ways to support their job development.

ONS figures from September 2020 indicated that 13% of 16- to 24-year-olds in the UK were unemployed, in comparison to the 4.1% unemployment rate.

Currently, data talent recruitment often relies on two talent pools: those already in the industry and university graduates. So how can we increase employment in other key talent pools - particularly the 'starting out' segment of imminent school leavers, who make the journey into vocational education or apprenticeships?

Chaired by Sophie Dawes, Developing the Young Workforce National Projects Manager, Scottish Government, you'll also hear from:

  • Kate Burnett, General Manager, DMA Talent
  • Eleanor Tarrant, Senior Manager - Paid Search Academy, Merkle
  • Coral Gallagher, Modern Apprenticeship Digital Marketing Graduate
  • Cameron MacDonald, Assessor, Sixth Sense
  • Richard Goodwin, Managing Director, The JGA Group
  • Isa Mutlib, CEO, BAME Apprenticeship Alliance

Join our speakers for presentations and a panel discussion to learn about:

  • How apprenticeships are working for young people from BAME backgrounds
  • The value of finding new diverse talent and improving their data skills in-house
  • Myths and truths of modern apprenticeships, how they work, and ways to support the growth of your apprentices

Plus, uncover how you can reach a cohort of ambitious, data-driven graduates with our new jobs board, DMA Marketing Jobs.

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