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Marketreach: Discover the Power of Direct Mail


The evolution of mail has been remarkable. Formerly referred to as "snail mail", mail can now be sent in a timely way through marketing automation enablement.

JICMAIL's 'gold standard' data has not only showcased the impressive media metrics mail can achieve in terms of reach and frequency, but also the commercial activity driven by mail in generating online interactions and purchases.

Watch our webinar with leading direct mail experts to learn why in an increasingly online world mail hasn't just survived - it's thrived.

You'll also hear from:

Listen to our speakers and:

  • Discover why the physicality of mail has proven to be its greatest advantage to marketers
  • Learn why mail commands unrivalled attention in an increasingly competitive media landscape
  • Hear case studies on how marketing automation has supercharged the effectiveness of mail

Please see the slides here.

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