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DMA Talent: Get Ready for a Career in Creative


This free one-hour webinar is designed for students and those eager to break into the creative advertising sector. We'll be talking about the current landscape of the industry, tips for starting out in your creative career, guidance on developing your portfolio of work and how to present and pitch it to the client.

You'll hear from seasoned Creative Directors, Cordell Burke, Up There, Everywhere and Rajnish Razdan, Riggs and Razdan who will share their invaluable expertise and advice, including what employers are looking for. We'll also be joined by some Junior Creatives who have successfully navigated their way from education to a blossoming career.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn how to start and curate your portfolio of creative advertising work
  • Receive tips on how to pitch your work
  • Hear personal career stories from Junior Creatives
  • Get prepared for one of our virtual Big Book Crits in May 2021
  • Have the chance to pick the brains of our panel of Junior and Senior Creatives

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