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Campaigner: Amplify Your Email Marketing Effectiveness


The IMDB's Email Report is built on the back of the DMA's Intelligent Marketing Databank, which captures effectiveness data from over a thousand response, brand, retention, and acquisition campaigns

Explore the role of email marketing in driving campaign effectiveness while unpicking how the channel shifts the dial on response, business, and brand marketing KPIs.  

During this webinar, you'll also:

  • Hear a presentation on the research launch from Ian Gibbs, Founder and Measurement Consultant, Data Stories Consulting

  • Uncover the insights, analysis, and industry views of the report from Amy Doyle, Director of Client Services, Campaigner, and David Walker, Head of Lifetime Value, OVO Energy, Dhiren Patel, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, The Economist, Garry Hinnett, Head of Digital Marketing, NEC Group and Ed Tibbitts, Head of Group CRM, Wiggle

This research is linked to our Meaningful Marketing Measurement: Email Focus

You may also want to read our full Meaningful Marketing Measurement 2022 report.

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