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Tim Watson

Tim Watson

Email Marketing Consultant

Founder at Zettasphere and Traction Six

Email marketing consultant, Tim works with brand marketers providing strategic guidance, advising how to increase return from the email marketing channel. He chairs the Legal & Best Practice hub, responsible for the DMA's email marketing white paper and best practice publications. Tim is a regular blogger and speaker on emerging trends in email marketing and expert commentator on the smart insights websites.

Describe yourself in 3 words? Analytical, Direct, Factual

How would your friends describe you? Helpful, Friendly and Wise

What's the best advice you ever received? When I was 12 my teacher said ‘never rest on your laurels’ which to me meant keep pushing yourself do more - this has always stuck with me throughout my life

What's your life motto? Learn and Live – life’s all about continuous learning

What is your pet hate? Random and inaccurate advise on the internet (poor advise)

Person I most admire? Richard Branson

My luxury item on a desert island would be.... Internet connection

Interview by Sharon Oliver, Fieldworks Marketing and fellow Email Marketing Council Member