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George Kidd

George Kidd

Direct Marketing Commission

I chair the Direct Marketing Commission, the independent body responsible for dealing with complaints over possible non compliance with the DMA Code. The Commission is a mix of industry and independent members. We aim to work with DMA and Councils to pre-empt and prevent issues arising and the new DMA Code should be a major asset in distilling the issues and outcomes. The Commission, when successful, uses power of persuasion to secure changes that maintain standards and public trust. Complaints are relatively few in nature. We aim to deal with them in a timely and proportionate way: seeking informal solutions where possible but investigating and adjudicating when necessary. We are all non-executive, with others jobs and interest to keep us busy. I chair the UK Public Affairs Council (a lobbyist register), run the Online Dating Association and am on the Council for Licensed Conveyancers, regulating legal services. Before that I was with PhonepayPlus, the national regulator of "premium" telephone content services and with the Cabinet Office, Foreign Office and BIS. I am a gym junkie when my aging joints allow and follow politics and Millwall - for light relief!