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Referral Marketing: Are You Creating Customer Advocates?


Trust and authenticity are very important to consumers and, at the same time, are so hard for brands to build.

It’s not just a mistrust towards brands, but a general exodus that sees more and more people lacking faith towards the whole advertising world – according to the Advertising Association’s data.

However, brands do have allies out there. Friends, family and their experience could be the missing link for businesses. They could be the key to opening the door to significant customer relationships, new conversations based on trust and, consequentially, profit.

As Andy Cockburn, Co-founder and CEO at Mention Me, explained: “Interestingly, many brands also misunderstand what matters most to consumers. Marketers frequently overlook the brand values and ethical behaviours their customers really care about, instead focussing on the push marketing and brand loyalty often disregarded by target audiences.

In other words, marketers should follow their instinct, and think as if though they are the customer themselves, and act accordingly. The good news is that they already know how to feel like their customers. Indeed, we found that two in five marketers believe word-of-mouth recommendations are one of the best ways to build trust. So, why do just a fifth of marketers believe in the importance of referrals?

As Rachel Aldighieri, MD of DMA, explained: “By putting your customers first, they become the beating heart and the main protagonist of your marketing campaign narrative. Both the brand and customer benefit from the short term influence and engagement of the referral programmes and the long-term relationships and trust they help you build.

Read our latest report and learn more on the benefits of turning your customers into your most powerful influencers.

Referral Marketing: Are You Creating Customer Advocates?

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