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Marketer email tracker 2016


With email the bedrock of the majority of marketing campaigns, it's important that marketers know what works, what doesn't and where the opportunities are. Read the Marketer Email Tracker 2016 for all this and more

The DMA's annual survey of email marketers shows that those who rate it as either ‘important’ or ‘very important’ to achieving brand goals has increased from 89% to 93% between 2012 and 2015.

Email is an discipline that is carried-out overwhelmingly in-house, by 95% of those surveyed.

Those working in email know that it can generate solid returns on investment. According to the research, marketers see on average £29.64 return for every £1 invested.

However, those that cannot calculate returns are on the increase, with only half able to calculate the ROI for their work. For B2B marketers the situation is worse.

The DMA found that marketers tend to rely on ‘we’ messaging that focuses on the company and its activities. We know from the Customer Email Tracker 2015 that consumers overwhelmingly want ‘you’ messaging that focuses on benefits for consumers. There is a clear opportunity here for brands.

When compared to the results of DMA’s Customer Email Tracker 2015, which monitors customers’ perceptions of email, both groups rated ‘trust’ very highly – the top choice for marketers and the fourth choice for customers.

DMA MD Rachel Aldighieri said, “Both marketers and consumers agree on one thing – trust is important. If customers, whether B2B or B2C, don’t trust you then your marketing is going to be more difficult, regardless of any other factor.”

Finally, email automation, which is a growing buzzword, seems to be performing less well than many might anticipate.

The DMA's results suggest a low uptake of marketing automation, and low returns. This may be due to investments yet to pay off, lack of competence, lack of data, difficulty in calculating ROI, or a combination of these factors.

Skip Fidura, client services director at sponsor dotmailer said, “Investment in marketing automation software could clearly free up marketers’ time to conduct more sophisticated methods of targeting or execution, and provide some outstanding returns. It is alarming for me to see that almost a quarter of those who took the survey don’t conduct testing as part of their work.


Marketer Email Tracking Report 2016


Marketer Email Tracking Infographic 2016

Enjoyed this? View our infographic showing how consumers curate their inboxes and how marketers can reach them effectively


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