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IDM Professional skills census 2018


In the first edition of the IDM's 'Professional skills census', in partnership with Smart Insight, we focus on individual marketers and the skills they use and need. Investigating 33 skills across 5 skill areas, we ask marketers what they do day-to-day and what they think they need to progress in their career.

From management and strategy skills to data wizardry, this is our most comprehensive dive into skills in the marketing industry to date.

Read the full report to discover:

  • 27 of the 33 skills had a ‘gap’ – they are more important for career progression than for current roles
  • There are 13 top priority skills that are vital for career progression, but are thought to be lacking currently by marketers themselves
  • Only half of marketers have had any training in these high priority skills
  • Outcomes from training included 52% receiving greater recognition, and 28% receiving a promotion

“In a fast-changing environment, it’s important for marketers and the businesses they work for that they continue to cultivate a range of skills. Not just the skills they use today, but also those they will need in the future,” comments Jane Cave, MD of the IDM.

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