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DMA insight: hitting your email goals


Take a look at the very positive picture we gathered from our Marketer email tracker 2019.

This handy infographic will guide you through the latest stats regarding the confidence that marketers’ have in their skills and knowledge, all the way to areas where they can (easily) increase focus on and improve.

You'd be surprised how a few tweaks can lead to more personalised emails and, ultimately, to greater results.

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An initiative born in Scotland, the DMA joins forces with partners and advocates as we seek to reshape the understanding of the true worth of information. Craig Paterson of The Data Lab offers this overview of an exciting new project.

VOD- Why we_re here.jpg

The DMA Code is an aspirational agreement to which all DMA members and their business partners must adhere.

It aims to promote one-to-one marketing as a true exchange of value between your business, looking to prosper, and your customer, looking to benefit - and provides you with the five clear principles that will guide you to achieve this, and against which your conduct will be measured.

An important part of your role as a DMA member is to extol and spread the positive values and goals of this Code, for the benefit of our industry into the future.