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UK expectations of marketing budget growth beat global predictions


UK confidence in marketing budget growth over the next 12 months is outstripping global predictions for expected expenditure, according to new research published by GlobalDMA in partnership with the Winterberry Group.

The worldwide Global review of data-driven marketing and advertising, which surveyed more than 3,000 marketers in 17 countries - including 257 UK marketers, reports that 75% believe that expenditure is set to increase next year compared to the global average of 73%. The UK’s bullish industry also beat the average international performance over the past 12 months, with 67% of UK marketers saying that budgets increased compared to a global average of 63%.

UK marketers’ predictions of expenditure growth next year is fuelled by confidence in increased spend across all one-to-one marketing channels, with the greatest rises expected in ‘website / ecommerce’ (65%), ‘social media engagement’ (61%) and ‘mobile apps, messaging and user experience’ (60%).

Chris Combemale, executive director of the DMA, said that the UK’s one-to-one marketing industry is surpassing international performance and expectations:

“When benchmarked against the rest of the world, the UK one-to-one marketing industry proves to be among the strongest in terms of financial performance, with confidence riding high.

“However, continued strong performance rests on marketers earning and keeping customer trust to use their data. Each marketer and organisation should see one-to-one marketing as an exchange of value between its business looking to prosper and its customer looking to benefit. Doing so will ensure that the UK will remain at the forefront of the global industry.”

In other findings, marketers cite ‘a desire to maximise efficiency of marketing investments’ as the top reason (64%) driving increased expenditure on one-to-one marketing, followed by the ‘demand to deliver more relevant communications to customers/be more “customer-centric”’

(50%) and a ‘general desire to understand more about customers/prospects’ (27%).

The UK chapter of the Global review of data-driven marketing and advertising, published by GlobalDMA in partnership with the Winterberry Group and supported by sponsor MediaMath, can be downloaded from



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About GlobalDMA
GlobalDMA is an organisation that represents, supports and unites marketing associations from around the globe that focus on data-driven marketing. It promotes worldwide initiatives aimed at providing marketers with global trend information, thought leadership and know-how on data-driven marketing across all sectors, disciplines and channels.

Twenty-seven marketing associations are currently part of GlobalDMA and more countries will join as their marketing associations begin to undertake the data-driven marketing remit. Collectively, they represent a significant proportion of the world’s major brands, corporations, suppliers and agencies. Through its affiliate associations, GlobalDMA provides access to the world’s largest network of data-driven marketing organisations and influencers.

GlobalDMA is currently chaired by Jodie Sangster, the CEO of the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) in Australia.

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