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Red Eye International Ltd
Electra House
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United Kingdom

Create captivating personalised messages across multiple channels, in minutes

RedEye’s AI driven Marketing Automation platform, enables you to automate personalised multi-channel campaigns, achieving on average a 38% increase in revenue within your first year of working with us. Our purpose is simple - to constantly increase customer lifetime value for our clients.

We do that by employing data driven strategies and unique technologies and solutions. This provides clients with customer insight and data that drives highly personalised and successful multi channel communications that attract, engage and convert prospects and customers.

Combine and connect all your customer data into a unified single customer view. Integrate a variety of third-party database sources and enrich further by including layers of behavioural and engagement data.

Our predictive models use powerful AI and machine learning algorithms to predict future individual customer behaviour. Proactively acquire, grow and retain customers at scale, maximising revenue and customer lifetime value.

The intuitive campaign journey builder allows you to easily build automated customer lifecycle campaigns that are highly relevant and personalised, across any channel. Dynamic email creation is a breeze with our content blocks that create highly personalised emails in minutes.

From onboarding, strategic consultancy to customer success, our knowledgeable and professional teams help you every step of the way to achieve your marketing automation goals.

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