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DMA | Organisation | MediaBase Direct Limited
MediaBase Direct Limited


Gable House
18-24 Turnham Green Terrace
Greater London
W4 1QP
United Kingdom

Turning data into actionable information

Established in 1996, MediaBase Direct is a marketing services company which never forgets that our customers' objective is to grow profits by turning raw data into sustainable competitive advantage. Our range of services is broad but we fervently believe in the need to focus on a bespoke approach which understands and meets individual customers' complex and evolving needs. Services offered include CRM Data Conditioning, CRM Data Enhancement, LEADR - Data Capture, Intelligent Data Audit, Data Compliant, RefineMyData, Project Management and App Development. To ensure that these services genuinely add value, our tried and tested philosophy has been to draw on relevant specialist industry expertise and to integrate closely with in-house resources. We would be delighted to work with you.