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1 Longdown Cottages
Hindhead Road
GU26 6BB
United Kingdom

The Growth Agency

Welcome to Mike Colling & Company, the media agency that will help you to grow your business.We're a data led media agency with a core offering of profitable new growth for our clients. We create that growth by using data and media: consumer data - transactional, attitudinal, behavioural - to understand whose behaviour we can change and integrated media campaigns to reach our target consumers, and effect that behaviour change.We're totally ROI driven and don't spend a penny of a client's money without modelling and predicting results beforehand. Models are then linked to actual results, using bespoke software.We are innovators solving business problems and creating new opportunities and income streams. If you would like to hear how we could do that for you, please call Mike Colling on 020-7307 6100.