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What is Telemarketing?


Telemarketing gets results. In B2B marketing, it is one of the most effective ways to achieve your goals. Your telemarketing strategy needs to be detailed and focused, identifying your objectives and linking these to specific outcomes.

The key is to pinpoint your relevant target market, and understand how to communicate most effectively, engaging with your audience in a way they find relevant and compelling:

Data cleansing – is your data robust enough to get to the right person, first time? What information do you need? What is essential/desirable?

Lead generation – are you looking to generate a marketing list? Populate a market research tool? What information constitutes a strong lead?

Appointment setting – be specific. Who are you targeting? What will make them agree to a sales meeting? What do you know about their business that will guarantee an hour of their time?

Good B2B marketing creates contacts. A great B2B telemarketing campaign will create strong relationships from first point of contact by delivering a consistent, meaningful dialogue, immediately highlighting the benefits to either them or their organisation.

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