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What is Adaptive Marketing and Why Should Marketers Care?


Alterian’s newest white paper, What is Adaptive Marketing? looks at how the age of the Adaptive Marketer™ has arrived. The increasingly unpredictable customer behavior now demands a different approach and a new marketing paradigm – the Adaptive Marketer™ Approach.

The Age of the Adaptive Marketer has arrived!

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“Adaptive Marketing consistently aligns business objectives and customer desires,” said Bob Hale, Alterian CEO. “We turn our clients into Adaptive Marketers, or innovative customer experience enthusiasts who can simultaneously achieve a business objective while creating the best brand experience possible. Together, they give marketers the insights to recognize that customer journey maps don’t work. It’s not about optimizing channels anymore, but rather maximizing every opportunity with each individual customer using the full context of their relationship.”

Successful alignment is based on context and speed of customer data. In contrast with traditional digital marketers, Adaptive Marketers can leverage the full context of each customer relationship fast enough to personalize messaging in the moment regardless of the channel and order of interactions. This creates an Adaptive Customer Experience™ that always puts Adaptive Marketers one step ahead of each customer with the right message on all channels at all times.

In What is Adaptive Marketing?, Alterian charts out the route for marketers to offer an Adaptive Customer Experience™ with examples, instruction and key guideposts:

  • What happens when customers deviate from the defined journey map?
    If they abandon their online cart, but then buy those items in the store instead of online, will they still receive retargeting ads and an email three days later reminding them to buy those same items? Too many marketers – and their customers – are stuck in that frustrating loop. Time to adapt.
  • How to Stay One Step Ahead
    An Adaptive Customer Experience is a customer experience that automatically adapts to the unpredictable behavior of customers and naturally improves every single time a customer interacts with the brand, no matter where and when the interaction occurs.
  • Growing “Opportunity Trees”
    By converting linear customer journeys into dynamic Opportunity Trees™, businesses let customers control their own journey while still ensuring that marketers use the full context of their relationship to recognize who they are and maximize every opportunity with them.
  • Market to The Opportunity™
    The only way to fully maximize the lifetime value of a specific customer is to first know the historical state of that customer’s relationship (slow data), and secondly, know what they are doing in that very moment of the interaction (fast data).
  • Adaptive Marketing Essentials
    • Consolidated & Centralized Customer Data
    • Extremely Fast Analytics & Insights
    • Full Context Audience Segmentation
    • Holistic Campaign Orchestration
    • Centralized Decision Engine
    • Campaign Results in Minutes
    • All in One Tool

The need for Adaptive Marketing has arrived, whether it’s adapting externally to customers’ unpredictable behavior or working internally within a brand’s organization. Check out What is Adaptive Marketing? to find out how traditional marketers can make the jump to become Adaptive Marketers – agile experts who focus on the context and speed of their customer data to maximize profits, lifetime value, and create a superior customer experience.

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