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timeTo â Combating sexual harassment


The time for change is now.

timeTo has an ambition that from this day forward, everyone will work in every way they can towards the complete eradication of sexual harassment from our industry, forever.

The Advertising Association, NABS and WACL have joined forces, launching the forward-looking, positive initiative - with a recognition that all parts of the advertising industry are affected.

Building on the global #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, timeTo lives in the hope that by taking action together, the industry will be in a better place to make positive change to stamp out sexual harassment for good.

Actions of the campaign will include:

  • An industry-wide study, led by Karen Fraser at advertising’s think tank, Credos - the study aims to establish the current level of sexual harassment across the industry and to provide data for future tracking of change
  • A best-practice Code of Behaviour for all companies to implement as a minimum in the first six months
  • Longer term, culture change will be addressed through training programmes - for both joiners and existing advertising and marketing personnel

Stephen Woodford, CEO, Advertising Association, said: ‘Our industry, like many others in the UK and around the world, is going through a critical reset in terms of behaviour change. The Advertising Association exists to promote the role, rights and responsibilities of advertising and timeTo is about being clear about the behaviour standard expected of all people who work in advertising. This must happen to ensure our industry, which reflects and shapes the world around us, continues to be an economic and social force for good in the years ahead.’

Diana Tickell, CEO of NABS said, ‘This is an important partnership as we all believe no one should have to experience sexual harassment, anytime or anywhere. If you or someone you know needs someone to talk to, contact NABS who can offer confidential advice and support on 0800 707 6607 or support@nabs.org.uk’

Kerry Glazer, President of WACL and CEO of the AAR, said: ‘This initiative is not about naming and shaming; it’s about making sure that everyone in the industry is aware that any unwanted conduct of a sexual nature that makes a person - male or female - feel uncomfortable, offended, intimidated, or degraded is entirely unacceptable. No excuses.’

The DMA are proud to support this new measure – with an invested interest in helping the campaign achieve its goals, working to change the future.

To take part in the industry wide-survey and have your say click here and use the password: timeTo1

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